Sunday, 12 June 2011

the Invoice

this is the invoice from the t-shirts, which i misplaced on the presentation day. shows cost and date of the t-shirt paidment

final throughts

The project as a whole wasn’t much of success there are a few reason why I think this. we didnt make enough profit from a group that size. i didnt think the group commentated well. the facebook page worked but got over clouted with useless posts.

i have learned some things troughtout this unit, keeping connected to your team mates is key and a strong team leader is always good to have, and people in your team which can work inderpenly and not needing direction all the time.


Carlos was working on the presentation and then passed it onto me and look at because i am confident on giving presentation and producing power points, all i did was add in one or two slides. moved the running order around so it flowed better. and removed stuff that i didn't think was needed.

the results are in

the stand

we didn't have much time to sell this t-shirt i ask people who i know if they wanted any, people were increded so we sold to them striaght away also the standard stall just to show of the t-shirt and spark up some buisness.


eithen doh it is not my job i toke the whole t-shirt production under my belt and got it done, i met with the designer went over the final alinements then begain to print i even help making a few. then had to deliever them to ravensbourne ready to sell.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


i know Facebook has changed the whole way we connect with people and it has been a big help with this project. keeping up to date with the group seeing how people are getting on with their tasks.

but more into the project i felt that the page was getting over crowed with post and jokes that wasnt related to the task at hand,

in my eye it got ever diffulcult on finding the information i want to sourse without going throughts post and post from other memebers of the group.

go go go

ok today i have sent the deisgn to the guy to begene printing, the best way to sell this t-shirt is a place order for 20 t-shirt and see how we get on with them and if we are successful.

the T-shirt

the final design has been made and appoved by manamement. project time i have done so market reseach of the students and its is a mostly possaive reaction to the design, persilly i really like the design, i know someone who own there own t-shirt printing shop. so hopefully he could produce this on a low cost so we can still make a profite but still not making people pay a stupid amount of money for them.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

the way i see it

the group have been working hard and come up with great ideas. the idea has become something that the uni could use themselfs. with haad meeting with people in higher mamgerment of the college. but we must except that the project is much bigger then the 9 weeks of the E&e project.

the t-shirt design sales will is the way we will be funding this project and work with the college to try and make this site happen to help the students of ravensbournse.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

su team

i watched this video for su preient and they mentered about having a site so students can showcase there work,

the video:

my Role

Ok so the team has now been made, its 13 guys from Animation, and we began to think what we need in this univertity, and come up with the idea of a portfolio website for the student to use to network with other student with jobs they need students from other course. instead of the mass emails we get at the moment.

i was given the task to do the market research for the project my goal for this unit, i will be reseaching into ?

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Notice Board

my housemste girlfriend goes to souptham univitery, in convercation the e+e project was brought up, she informed me that southhamed already have a online noticse board on the internet.


ok so we need market reseach on that the throught of the ravensbourne students are. so i producted a survey which i will post on Serveymokney which is a online survey website. and post onto the a few social networks, facebook twitter i.e.

this are the question we will be asking

E+E Survey

Do you think that a portfolio website would help Ravensbourne students collaborate?

A cost of £5 a term for the service, if you pay for the full year it would be £10 one off payment?

Would the options to search work and directly email student instead of the mass emails be better?

Would a digital interactive notes board to post future jobs be useful?

What features would you except from a portfolio site?

On scale of 1 to 10 how useful would you find this service at Ravensbourne?

Project Breif

Last year, you came up with a 'pretend' business plan that you pitched in a 'Dragons' Den' type set up. In level 3 you will instead do something very hands-on. Again, you will look at trends and do market research but this time you will use these insights to design and produce actual products and services.Your task is to create something that will bring you revenue, an enterprise related to your discipline or interests.

Whatever enterprise you decide to work on, it:
- Should potentially bring revenue (or a confirmed purchase order) before the end of the course (so no abstract businesses)
- Be approved at Formative Assessments
- Be presented in a professional manner and be representative of you as a creative professional: ideally it will be a useful addition to your portfolio or CV so don't waste the opportunity.

This project is a chance to meet and network with people who may influence your future and last but not least an opportunity for you to make some cash!

As soon as you have come up with a business idea and have decided whether to work on your own or in a group, you will write a brief project plan based on the project plan template below to include time line and budget. This needs to be handed in by the 28th of April so that the we can assign a tutor/assessor to you for Formative and Summative Assessments. At the end of the project you will use this initial project plan in order to analyse your endeavour and compare it with the actual results- you will discuss these with your tutor and fill out a project report. Perhaps you ended up with a completely different product or service having gained market insight? Maybe you surpassed your targets? Miscalculated the time needed for the tasks set?

You will describe your learning journey through an individual online (b)log which you are expected to update at least once a week. Logs can be concise and mainly visual or more text based/ storytelling. They can be an internal affair (password protected) or form part of your marketing. You will make notes yourself on the feedback you receive at formatives and include this on your (b)log. As part of your submission at the end of term, you'll hand in a link to your learning log. For marking purposes, make sure you keep your blog online until marks have been received